Clay Day!

On Friday we made models of our faces using clay. It was great fun and we enjoyed working with this new material. Mr Livingstone chatted to us all about clay and explained where it could be found. He showed us some drawings of what he wanted us to make. He explained it very clearly and we understood his explanations. He was keen to see our work as we went along and told us what he liked in particular. He was really happy and pleased with what we had achieved during the session.

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Virtually There Update!

It was so much fun drawing and writing for our pods. We enjoyed putting our images and pictures into the pods. We also drew some pictures of the things we would see in different places around our school. Hanging these inside the pod was a bit fiddly but we managed it. Last Friday Mrs Patton joined us again and she hung up our pods. They are pretty cool and lots of other teachers like them too. We had another look at different areas around school and then in class drew images using different pens, pencils….mixed media Mrs Patton called it! We added some pieces of material to make our pieces of work really special. We will see Mr Livingstone after half term!

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Pods and pictures!

Today we finished off our drawings which we started last Friday. Some people had written down about what they had seen in the garden and on the pitches. We also thought about our feelings when we were in the 2 spaces. We love the pitches, they’re so cool. It’s great what the ECO Warriors are doing in the garden. We’d love to play there at lunchtimes. Miss C gave us the printed photos we had taken last week. We cut out the bits we liked and stuck them with or drawing and bits of writing onto the acetate sheet. We were able to write on top of it using special pens. Miss R, Miss H, Mrs P and MissC all helped us. It was brilliant! Miss C let us have more time in the afternoon. We hung tiny characters form the tops of the pods using different coloured threads. We had a full day of Art!

We love doing the Art project in school!

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Actually here!

We met Mr Livingstone today, it was brilliant! He came to see us from his studio in Spain! We told him our names and we bagan our task. We put our model together today. It lookes so good.  We might make things to go inside it. We then talked about places around our school where we could go to. We decided to go to the bug hotels and the pitches. we took ipads with us and recorded videos and took photos. It was so good to  meet Mr Livingstone! Wow!

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Surprise Surprise!

Today we were ready to connect with Andrew, everything was good to go! Unfortunately the internet connection was faulty and we couldn’t connect up with him. (My story!) This was our face to face meeting day and the pupils didn’t know. After a short while there was a knock at the door. As Andrew came into the room he was met by a sea of shocked faces! A wave of astonishment swept around the classroom. The pupils introduced themselves to Andrew and then the fun really began. The pupils glued their drawings of the school to a box lid and assembled the boxes to recreate the main school building. One group had made the front entrance hall and PE Hall. The model looked great. Andrew discussed with the pupils what could be added to the inside.

Andrew explained the next activity which would involve the pupils moving to different locations inside and outside the main school building. Some of the pupils had a laptop for taking photographs and videos of each other and the sights at the various locations. The pupils could also bring back some items to the classroom to remind them of the location. They visited the garden and the front pitches and took photos and video clips. Back in class the pupils made  cylindrical pods which will be filled with photos, drawings, items etc. Some pupils wrote/drew about their experiences outside. The session had flown by so quickly. A great morning’s work!

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Model Making!

Today we had our first session with Mr Livingstone! It was brilliant! We chatted together with Miss C and Mr L about Strandtown PS. We talked about the key places around our school building. We were excited to learn that we would be making a model to look like our school building. Miss C gave each group a side of the school and 1 group will be drawing the entrance hall. We went outside to have a really good look before we started drawing. We  started to draw, it was great fun!  Mrs P explained about detail and accuracy. She also demonstrated blending with several colours. We found out about an artist who makes sculptures out of bricks and Mr L showed us examples of her work. She has made a brick sofa, it was brilliant! We will be carrying on next week with our project. Mr L has loads of ideas for us. We can’t wait for next Friday!

Thanks Mrs P, Mr L and Miss C.

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Week 5 Travelling and Movement!

Week 5 Mr Livingstone joined us again for another great session. On each group of tables Miss C put a long strip of paper. We were all able to work on the paper at the same time. We used pastels and crayons to draw images onto the paper. Mr Livingstone asked us to recall the different ways of travelling from one place to another. He then asked to draw  images onto the paper, the first image was of a person walking, then on a bicycle, running, in a hot air balloon etc. Some of us didn’t like going over another pupil’s drawing. Mr Livingstone discussed how we felt about this. Some pupils said it didn’t feel right, some pupils thought it was okay, after a while we felt better about it. As the page became filled with our images the idea of movement and travelling was clear to see. Miss C is going to display our work for the Open Afternoon after Christmas!

Mr Livinstone then asked us to think about how paint might travel! This was so messy but great fun. We worked in pairs to drop paint onto a page and watch the paint run down the page. Mrs Patton helped us to think about the thickness of the paint and how it effects the movement of the paint down the page. We had great fun during this session and can’t wait to start again after Christmas. See you in 2017!

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Week 4 Drawing ourselves and then sewing.

On Friday we spent part of the session drawing a self-portrait of ourselves onto a large piece of paper. Mr Livingstone encouraged us to make our drawings large and clear. He told us to include important details. Mrs Patton talked to us about the position of eyes, noses and ears. “What she said made sense and really helped us!” said one pupil. We then had to draw onto the T-shirts we had brought in. If you had a dark coloured T-shirt it was helpful to use a light pastel and if you had a light coloured T-shirt a dark pastel worked better. This was quite tricky to do. Mr Livingstone showed us a drawing he had done and what the next activity was. We were going to sew! It was good to watch Mr Livingstone as he sewed over the top of his drawing. Miss Courtenay, Miss Rainey and Miss Harte helped us to thread the needles and rescue a few scrunched up T-shirts. (Some people pulled their threads too tightly!) Our time passed by so quickly. When Miss Courtenay said that we were going to have to stop we were amazed. We will continue to work on our T-shirts next week. We had great fun and some of us even learnt to sew!

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Week 3 Distance and Journeys!

Mr Livingstone began by asking us to think of distance and journeys. It could be the time, distance etc.. He talked to the us about our Daily Mile and what it involved. Everyday  walk a mile around 1 of our pitches. (All pupils in school do this.)Mr L asked the pupils to think of this journey or their way to school. What did they see? Did they always see the same sights? Who did they see? We had to make a basic drawing of something we had seen and draw it clearly on coloured card. He then showed us how to remove parts of our drawing by cutting out. We completed our drawing and after break cut out parts of it. It was quite tricky and repairs were completed with tape. Mr L attached the card to a larger piece of paper. He then shone a light source through the spaces in the card. Images were projected onto the page. These could be drawn onto the page. Layers of images could be added. More torches would have helped but we shared out what we had. Our time was up session 3 was over. We said our goodbyes and headed for lunch! Another great morning with Mr L virtually there!

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Week 2 – Superhero Dress up Day!

Today we were all dressed up as a superhero to finish off our Power for Good anti-bullying week. We thought of a story based on Strandtown involving a hero. We worked in our groups to complete our story. One person from  each group told Mr Livingstone about their story. We then illustrated our stories  using crayons, pencils, markers and pastels. Some of us have still to finish our drawings. When we have all finished Miss C told us that we will arrange  our pictures in a special way. It is very exciting! We can’t wait to next Friday!


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