One more lovely day

Today was our last day, its amazing how quickly you get so used to each other and it seems so strange to be leaving, even if it is “only” virtually.

We had a few bits left to do on the map that we are hoping to use for the game that the class devised. The questions are ready, the bits are being made for the game and lots of thought is going in to all the elements of this board game.

map still left to do

We are using our origami boxes (4 of them ) as our dice.

One of the other things that went on today is the structure building with all the origami boxes, but with an added difference. As part of the structure we were using the leg or other parts of a chair or table to build around, it adds interest and also helps as a support for the structure. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of these! (they were building this in the back of the classroom and sadly the camera cant’ reach there).

We had some technical hic-ups, which sadly happens and when it does can disrupt the flow but we also have become quite resourceful and thankfully when it happened today we already discussed what we were doing for today and the class were in full swing when the connection dropped.

so as well as the box buildings, the mapgame the class revisited the traces of human life photographs, this time though we used them as starting points for map drawing.

map collage 2sm


I did mine on top of some old marks that I found on a piece of paper. using them as a starting point for contours, roads, rivers and paths. The photographs can look like landscapes already and since our discussion on what we see and what we imagine it seemed natural to respond to the things that we found by using them in a way that could show us something new!

I can’t wait to see the results of this!

One more thing we had to do was to try the game……. it is hard to develop something without trying it first, there is a lot to it! we had the rules made:

  1. youngest roler goes first or first to roll six.
  2. if you roll 6 you get another go.
  3. 2-4 pleayers can play.
  4. Follow the black line
  5. Someone else reads you the questions
  6. First to the old school win
  7. Make sure everyone plays fair!
  8. if you don’t know the answer you have to back two spaces or unfold and fold an origami box.

so we put these to the test; reality showed that thinking out all the steps takes a bit more trying out but it worked!

We had a busy but lovely day, so sad its over now!

Thanks third class! you were brilliant!!

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