Gathering images

We are in the faze of gathering images –

 So far we have –

  • Photos of hands for all children
  • Hand drawn maps
  • Photos of locations around the school
  • Photos from disposable cameras –  Ruby selected 20  images for the final piece which will  hopefully be representative of  everyone.
  • Recordings of children talking about images.

The other images from disposable cameras are getting sent back to the school to be claimed by the children. It seems important that everyone has at least one image and feels that their  work has been valued.

 Plan for  the coming weeks –

  • Ruby and Ann to get to grips with new software and practice with it  so that images can be shared with more ease.
  • Ruby –  layering images using photo shop – maps superimposed onto hands and possibly photos from digital cameras – still to experiment with this…
  • Ruby –  20 selected photographs  from disposable  to be scanned and enhanced.
  • Ann  & Ruby – next session – each child selects an image – makes a drawing based on this, using colouring pencils, crayons, collage, chalks etc.
  • Writes a  few lines of description/story about one photographs, the landscape the place, the time.
  •  Final piece: Ruby to make two slideshows of the images from the project  and have them running in secession. ( one for junior  and one for senior class)
  • Voice recordings of children reading their stories and descriptions may be added

Photo on 03-02-2015 at 09.20 #3

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