Just Posh Waste..

Our last session in December has not been documented as we had a little mishap with the class iPad which the boys and girls were using, hopefully when this is fixed we will be able to share the details of that exciting session.

After a lovely Christmas and New Year, the children were more than ready to get back into routine. However, they were unaware that Rhona was planning on actually visiting the classroom on Tuesday the 10th of January. It was a great surprise. Rhona brought lots of items to help us create our very own sculpture using the waste we have been collecting.

The class decided on a large sculpture which would be suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The sculpture mainly consists of bottle lids, which thankfully the children have been collecting in abundance. It was so helpful having Rhona there, another pair of hands was definitely needed to help drill holes in the many, many lids! The children are a little mesmerised by how big the sculpture will be when it is completed, they are also excited by the prospect that this cannot be made in a few sessions, it will take time and their hard work to complete.

Their next task over the week is to measure and cut all the pieces of wire correctly and my homework is to drill the lids so they can be threaded by the children. One child commented that the sculpture will look like a chandelier when we are finished, “so basically it is just very posh waste, Miss Byrne”.

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