Mini Beast Playground

During our studio check-in we updated Rhona on what we have been doing since our last session, including continuing to work on our bottle top project as well as learning new things about our topic of mini beasts.

Rhona enlightened the children about a playground project in which she is involved in county Carlow, showing us some of her pieces. The children were so enthusiastic about this and maybe a little jealous! They began to imagine all the things we could do with our space if our resources were unlimited…although I’m not sure health and safety would allow for an outside swimming pool with an underwater jungle gym for break and lunch time!

Rhona had provided us with some white self-drying clay that would last outdoor. After watching a few of Rhona’s examples the children got stuck into designing their own miniature climbing frames, slides, tunnels, and obstacle courses that they imagined any insect would just love to play on.

Image result for bugs life

When this was completed and all the pieces were labelled and left to dry the children came together on the carpet to discuss with Rhona the best way to house our playground so that it was protected yet still looked appealing. After some brainstorming and lots of ideas the children took a vote and decided that using two tractor tyres would be the best way to display the playground with some nice stones or shells inside to make it pretty.

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