We are back welcome to the kingdom!

The kingdom of Tallaght is back. King Frissle welcomes you all. He is in search of a Queen so watch this space!

I was very fortunate through a project called threads of engagement to spend some time in Lesotho in February 2013 which is a country in South Africa with a unique culture, values, costume, colour and rituals. It’s Motto: Peace, Rain, Prosperity! It is officially a Kingdom. It is a landlocked country and enclave completely surrounded by its only neighbouring country the Republic of South Africa. The experience is fresh and real will have many parallels with my work in St Thomas junior infants in Tallaght.

I worked with the same group last year and there is wonderful sense of continuity of relationships. We click, we love story telling, vivid imagination and an openness to seeing where it goes.

Looking at Tallaght there is a sense that it has a strong, unique and cultural identity so we are starting our virtual journey exploring the cultural and visual identity of Tallaght, real and imagined, through the eyes of senior infants St. Thomas Junior School prompted by the visual and video footage of my time in Lesotho.

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