22.02.17 Our precious things

Today we had a special lady come join us during our Virtually There session with Naomi.

Mrs Patton liked doing art too!

Mrs Patton had worked with her special artist with older boys and girls. She was keen to find out about what we knew about precious things.

Mrs Patton brought something in that was precious to her. It wasn’t very big or fragile!                 A BUS PASS

Mrs Cross had a pink box and she took something out of it that was older than her!


It was older than our teacher. She was christened in it and so were her children.

Naomi showed us the most precious thing for her. We had seen it before. She uses it a lot.


Even grannies have special things too.

We have lots of precious things in P2

  • A gold nugget found by dad
  • An angel
  • soccer cards, but not the rare ones.
  • A robot

We keep them in special places- shelves, in money boxes, in our rooms, in sticker albums.

We draw our special things and where we keep them on 2 big pages. Mrs Patton chatted to us about the precious things we had drawn. She helped attach them together.

Naomi knows all our precious things now. Different precious things.

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