22.03. 17 A Real Visit – Real Excitement!

      ‘Big box, small box, cardboard boxes!’

Words on boxes, a black bag of 15 cardboard boxes!

Chatting, shaking, chatting, guessing what is in their box.

‘What house is that small?’

‘Imagine if a real spider was in here!’


Excitement in pairs as they wondered what could be inside the box. The word was a big clue.



Drawing on the boxes, poking holes into the boxes,  waiting to open the boxes.











Never have we had so much fun with cardboard boxes!!

Naomi opened the boxes. we got to see what she had placed inside them. It wasn’t a  REAL spider like Eamon and Luke had thought. It was a spider plant cutting.


IT KEEPS YOU WARM was Naomi’s own big blanket.

A feather was  LIGHT.

TO LEARN was  one of Naomi’s books about plants and flowers.



After lunch Naomi had covered some doors and cupboards inside the class and around the school with brown paper.

With big markers we drew what we imagined to be behind the doors.

Toys we had played with, books, treats, minecraft  figures, special art stuff must be hidden behind these doors.

Mrs Hinds, sitting at her desk in the office.


We then got to open the doors and have a good look to find out what was hidden inside!


Mrs Hind’s office was so cool!  The clock had our school badge on it.

She must have a lot of work to do! Mrs Hinds  liked the pictures on the door.

We liked having Naomi with us in the class for the day!


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8.03.17 Hidden inside

We know lots of places in school that keep special, important things. Places we aren’t allowed into but places we sometimes get a sneak peek into!

It would be fun to explore them and see what things were hidden away inside them!

Naomi had sent us a card to cut out and into a shape.

-A familiar shape – 6 equal sides– ‘it’s a cube’

We would be making the net into a box this session.

Cutting and skills would be getting a good workout.

So would our listening and thinking skills, as we had to describe what we had drawn inside our boxes.

Special things drawn inside the little boxes we had just assembled by folding and sticking.

Vanessa there to help and ask us about what we have drawn.

Naomi prompted us ‘Give your friend a clue!’

The coloured sticky labels helped us remember what we had guessed

-a blue side

– a yellow side


We passed our cube along our table to another friend. They listened and thought about what had been described. They drew it.

We passed the cubes on again.

Naomi had to guess from our descriptions as well.

Some of the clues easy. Some we didn’t know straight away. Our friend got and another clue to help them more.


You cut with them

It’s shiny.

You can buy stuff with this.





So many boxes!



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22.02.17 Our precious things

Today we had a special lady come join us during our Virtually There session with Naomi.

Mrs Patton liked doing art too!

Mrs Patton had worked with her special artist with older boys and girls. She was keen to find out about what we knew about precious things.

Mrs Patton brought something in that was precious to her. It wasn’t very big or fragile!                 A BUS PASS

Mrs Cross had a pink box and she took something out of it that was older than her!


It was older than our teacher. She was christened in it and so were her children.

Naomi showed us the most precious thing for her. We had seen it before. She uses it a lot.


Even grannies have special things too.

We have lots of precious things in P2

  • A gold nugget found by dad
  • An angel
  • soccer cards, but not the rare ones.
  • A robot

We keep them in special places- shelves, in money boxes, in our rooms, in sticker albums.

We draw our special things and where we keep them on 2 big pages. Mrs Patton chatted to us about the precious things we had drawn. She helped attach them together.

Naomi knows all our precious things now. Different precious things.

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31.01.17 ‘The Cornflake’ 2 Design safe spaces

The class were eager to get their hands on their treasure map and check were their golden flakes still safe.

Did  still mark the spot?

They separate all over the class to get their hands on their golden treasure.

A queue  at the microphone to exclaim  to Naomi that it was gone, broken, moved!  Did the cleaner come and hoover it up, not realizing?  Had we a mouse visiting the class?

Some however were exactly were they had been left- tucked away or safe in a kind of house.                                                                                                                                                             The domino box luckily hadn’t been used during our maths session last week – the cornflake still their intact.

Naomi  directed the children to plan / design  and build a space in which to house their cornflake.

Tables had been set up with lots of junk materials, tape, sticky labels and stuff that Mrs Cross likes to keep, just in case we use it some time!

Designers in action!


The nest was going to get a roof on it too!

Naomi was loved our inventions.

We looked at each others to try and see was the cornflake safe inside.

The cornflakes would be safe inside these safe spaces we all agreed.


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25.01.17 ‘The Cornflake’ Fragile Part 1

   What is Fragile?    Session 7


KEEP THE CORNFLAKE SAFE                        HIDE YOUR  CORNFLAKE               

    (ON YOUR BREAK)                                                       Where did you hide it?

What happened it? 

I ate it!                                                                                 At the whiteboard

It’s in Liam’s tummy!                                                   Under the cupboard
It broke!                                                                       Behind the bookshelf
It blew away!                                                             On the shelf at the side
I crushed it!                                                         In the drawers at the door
It’s in my pocket!                                                                  In the corner
I dropped it!                                                                        On the toy shelf
I lost it!                                                                         In the elephant book
I kept it safe!                                                                    In the doll’s house
Here it is!                                                                                 In my drawer
In the play dough basket
In the dominos box                                                              JUST OVER THERE

We all got another cornflake and had to hide it somewhere safe.

We drew treasure maps to help us remember where we had hidden our cornflake – until we next meet Naomi.


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30.11.16 Get in close

The whiteboard  is still not fixed.  We all get up close around the computer screen.  We tell Naomi its a bit grey  and dull here too.

Naomi tells  us that outside in her garden is …………We have to listen to her description to guess what it is she is describing.

Yeshua and Eamon get it.  Up pop some very big donkey heads onto the screen!

Imagine seeing a donkey in our playground!

We were going to do some good looking too and get Naomi to guess from the descriptions we give her.



Naomi showed us her viewfinder.                                                                                        We made our own viewfinders.


We were ready to do some close looking and describing of own.

5 P7 pupils were so glad they were getting the chance to work with our artist too.  Harry is very good at art and he asked Naomi lots of questions while we put our coats on to go out into the cold.


We were still doing  special close looking when the break bell went.  Mrs Cross had to send us back in.


The big P7’s wrote down our descriptions and we would make Naomi guess.



Can you guess what they are?

  • IT’S WHITE AND YELLOW        (the football net!!!)

Back in class we all listen and guess what our friends were describing- The  gold thing up high that they weren’t allowed to touch was easy for all the class

– Naomi wasn’t sure!        (the school bell)

Descriptions given

     Descriptions followed

           Imagination used

Viewfinders used

Descriptions given

Descriptions recorded

Imagination used

Mrs Cross laughed and laughed when Naomi described something for us to draw – it was the spider plant.

The P7s think our art class with Naomi is cool!

Reflections on the session

Eamon      It was funny when we saw the donkeys at Naomi’s house.                                                            One was small and was bigger.                                                                                                  When I went outside I saw the checker board on the ground.                                                       It was yellow and black squares.

Darcy       The donkey was funny. she showed us outside in her garden.                                                       I liked when we went outside. We looked really closely.                                                                 I picked the gate for Naomi.




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23.11.16 Observing Space

We found the things Naomi brought up from her studio.   The detectives spotted everything as they peered at the interactive whiteboard and computer screen .


What else can you see?

Where is the flower press?          There’s the blanket.
What’s that on the window ledge?
I see the spider plant.
It was good fun drawing on the board.

The whole studio is nearly outlined- the chair, the desk  the book shelf, the window  and plants.

The studio looks very tidy. Mrs Cunnings classroom is tidy too when we arrive in it!!

Mrs Hughes said our prints were looking really great!



The bell rings for lunch – tidy up time.


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16.11. A Better Connection – Spots and Dots and Lines and Stripes

Spots and dots on the floor, on the desks, on the whiteboard , in their very own books.

Thumbs up from everyone today!


Spots and dots everywhere!

Everyone liked bossing Naomi about telling her where to move the dots!


The boys really enjoyed changing the circle and line drawings  created on the whiteboard by their friends. Enlarging, shrinking, duplicating nearly every line the one before had made -making it their own.



A lot of plates to print with next week.


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26.10.16 Meeting our artist Naomi.

We see things from Naomi’s studio in Boyle – The big blanket to keep her warm, a plant, a book and  a flower press.

Book boxes to be opened.

What might be inside the book boxes?

‘White and fluffy’                                                ‘It tickles you’ Rosa

‘Snow flakes dropping down outside’
‘I like snowy days’  Luke
Sunny yellow reminds me of   eating ice-cream with my mum.    Darcy

going to the park.     Monica  

my best friend’s party outside
The Blue Book  

              Maybe it’s about water .  James

  You can splash in the puddle. Ryan
It will be blue inside.  Monica

                     It’s like the sky.  Ryan

   Things sink down in the water, but

plastic can float. Daniel


We listen well to instructions how to make a book. We fill our books with lots of colour.


Fun had, Connections made!

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19.10.16 A Drawing Recipe – Draw a dot

Naomi tells tell the class that she picked lots of flowers during the summer and pressed them.

Cow parsley

The class listen to the description.

We drew our own long stemmed flowers.


Next we follow the drawing recipe using little squares of tracing paper   and attach them together to our friends drawing.

 Draw a dot

 More dots                                            Simple clear instructions

Join the dots

Join the flowers


Flowers attached together –

Connecting   the flowers together

Connecting with our partners

Connecting with Naomi.

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