8.03.17 Hidden inside

We know lots of places in school that keep special, important things. Places we aren’t allowed into but places we sometimes get a sneak peek into!

It would be fun to explore them and see what things were hidden away inside them!

Naomi had sent us a card to cut out and into a shape.

-A familiar shape – 6 equal sides– ‘it’s a cube’

We would be making the net into a box this session.

Cutting and skills would be getting a good workout.

So would our listening and thinking skills, as we had to describe what we had drawn inside our boxes.

Special things drawn inside the little boxes we had just assembled by folding and sticking.

Vanessa there to help and ask us about what we have drawn.

Naomi prompted us ‘Give your friend a clue!’

The coloured sticky labels helped us remember what we had guessed

-a blue side

– a yellow side


We passed our cube along our table to another friend. They listened and thought about what had been described. They drew it.

We passed the cubes on again.

Naomi had to guess from our descriptions as well.

Some of the clues easy. Some we didn’t know straight away. Our friend got and another clue to help them more.


You cut with them

It’s shiny.

You can buy stuff with this.





So many boxes!



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