22.03. 17 A Real Visit – Real Excitement!

      ‘Big box, small box, cardboard boxes!’

Words on boxes, a black bag of 15 cardboard boxes!

Chatting, shaking, chatting, guessing what is in their box.

‘What house is that small?’

‘Imagine if a real spider was in here!’


Excitement in pairs as they wondered what could be inside the box. The word was a big clue.



Drawing on the boxes, poking holes into the boxes,  waiting to open the boxes.











Never have we had so much fun with cardboard boxes!!

Naomi opened the boxes. we got to see what she had placed inside them. It wasn’t a  REAL spider like Eamon and Luke had thought. It was a spider plant cutting.


IT KEEPS YOU WARM was Naomi’s own big blanket.

A feather was  LIGHT.

TO LEARN was  one of Naomi’s books about plants and flowers.



After lunch Naomi had covered some doors and cupboards inside the class and around the school with brown paper.

With big markers we drew what we imagined to be behind the doors.

Toys we had played with, books, treats, minecraft  figures, special art stuff must be hidden behind these doors.

Mrs Hinds, sitting at her desk in the office.


We then got to open the doors and have a good look to find out what was hidden inside!


Mrs Hind’s office was so cool!  The clock had our school badge on it.

She must have a lot of work to do! Mrs Hinds  liked the pictures on the door.

We liked having Naomi with us in the class for the day!


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